50 Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 SD dan Kunci Jawabannya

Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4

Parents, ayo kembali dampingi buah hati Anda untuk menguji kemampuan bahasa Inggris melalui latihan soal bahasa Inggris kelas 4 SD.
Di setiap soal juga dilengkapi dengan kunci jawabannya!


Hi, parents! We’re back!

As we knowpractice makes perfect. Jadi, setelah berhasil mengerjakan soal latihan bahasa Inggris untuk kelas 3 SD,  Anda dapat melanjutkan sesi ujian dengan anak melalui soal bahasa Inggris kelas 4 SD.

FYI, sebelumnya kita sudah menyusun latihan soal bahasa Inggris untuk kelas 2 SD dan kelas 1 SD juga, kok.

Jadi, kalau parents ingin mengulang, silakan cek artikel English Academy yang sebelumnya ya!

Sekarang, ayo kita masuk ke contoh soal untuk kelas 4 SD!


30 Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 1 dan Jawabannya

In this section, please choose one of the best answers for the questions!

1. What do we use our mouth for?

a. To eat something
b. To hear something
c. To hear something
d. To see something

Jawaban: A


2. The body part that we use to think and make decisions is…

a. nose
b. mouth
c. ear
d. brain

Jawaban: D


3. We use … to walk.

a. hand
b. foot
c. head
d. stomach

Jawaban: B


4. We have organs inside our body, such as …

a. hand
b. eye
c. shoulder
d. heart

Jawaban: D

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5. The part of the day between night and morning is called…

a. morning
b. afternoon
c. evening
d. midnight

Jawaban: D


6. Andi : Hey, Budi! How do you do!
Budi : Hi, Andi. …

a. good afternoon
b. good bye
c. how do you do
d. nice to meet you

Jawaban: C


7. The sky is dark in the ….

a. morning
b. night
c. evening
d. afternoon

Jawaban: B


8. Sandy: Good morning, Mr. Ruby.
Mr. Ruby: … , Sandy.

a. Good evening
b. Good afternoon
c. Good night
d. Good morning

Jawaban: D


9. Ami: … ?
Rosa: My name is Rosa.

a. What is your name
b. Where is your name
c. Who is your name
d. When is your name

Jawaban: A

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10. How many toes do we have on our left leg?

a. We have ten toes.
b. We have seven toes.
c. We have five toes.
d. We have three toes.

Jawaban: C


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This text is for questions number 11 – 14.

I love visiting my grandmother’s house with my family. Her house is located in a small village that surrounds beautiful scenery.

As soon as we arrive, my grandma welcomes us and invites us to sit in her cozy living room.

We spend the afternoon chatting with grandma and listening to her stories about the old days.

She also prepares some delicious snacks and drinks for us to enjoy. It is really nice to catch up with her and spend quality time together.

Afterwards, we explore her lovely garden filled with colorful flowers and fresh fruits.

Grandma shows us her vegetable garden where she grows her own vegetables for cooking.

Before we leave, grandma gives us some of her homemade cookies and jam as a souvenir.

It is a wonderful visit and we all have a great time. Visiting grandma’s house is always a special experience for me.


11. What does the author enjoy doing at grandmother’s house?

a. Playing video games
b. Reading books
c. Watching TV
d. Chatting with grandma and listening to her stories

Jawaban: D


12. What does the grandmother prepare for the author and their family?

a. Clothes
b. Toys
c. Snacks and drinks
d. Books

Jawaban: C


13. What do they do after spending time with the grandmother?

a. Go back home immediately
b. Explore the village
c. Go to the city
d. Explore the grandmother’s garden

Jawaban: D


14. What does the grandmother give the author and their family before they leave?

a. Money
b. Clothes
c. Homemade cookies and jam
d. Books

Jawaban: C


15. What is the sum of 6 and 7?

a. 12
b. 13
c. 14
d. 15

Jawaban: B


16. 10 – 5 =

a. Ten divided by five equal five
b. Ten times five equal five
c. Ten less five equal five
d. Ten and five equal five

Jawaban: C


17. 6 x 3 = 18

a. Six times three equal eight teen
b. Six divided by three equal eight teen
c. Six and three equal eight teen
d. Six less three equal eight teen

Jawaban: A


18. Eleven + twenty =

a. Eleven
b. Twelve
c. Thirty one
d. Twenty two

Jawaban: C

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19. I am … a book at night

a. watching
b. reading
c. listening
d. eating

Jawaban: B


20. My mother is a doctor. … works in a big hospital.

a. He
b. She
c. We
d. They

Jawaban: B


B. In this section, please write down the right answer for the questions!

21. Bettany : … ?
Charlie : My name is Charlie.

Jawaban: What is your name?


22. Ben : Is that your new hat?
Jody : No, …

Jawaban: It is not


23. What is the body part that allows us to walk and run?

Jawaban: Leg


24. Five times five equals …

Jawaban: twenty five


25. Me and my brother are …. the room.


Jawaban: Cleaning

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26. You … drinking a glass of water.

Jawaban: are


27. Mr. Lane goes to sea on his boat every day. He is a ….

Jawaban: fisherman


28. Write these sentences below in English!

“Pak Budi mengajar di kelas.”

Jawaban: Mr Budi teaches in class.


29. “Langitnya berwarna biru.”

Jawaban: The sky is blue.


30. “Kakekku minum teh di ruang keluarga.”

Jawaban: My grandfather drinking tea in the living room.


20 Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 4 Semester 2 dan Kunci Jawaban

In this section, please choose one of the best answers for the questions!

1. Tina – beautiful – cats – has

The correct order is ….

a. Tina has beautiful cats
b. Tina has cats beautiful
c. Cats has beautiful Tina
d. Beautiful cats has Tina

Jawaban: A


2. What time is it?

It is 05.00

a. Three o’clock
b. Four o’clock
c. Five o’clock
d. Twelve o’clock

Jawaban: C


3. Father: What time does Yudi go to bed?
Mother: He goes to bed at 22.15.

a. Quarter past eleven
b. Quarter to ten
c. Quarter to eleven
d. Quarter past ten

Jawaban: D

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4. Chef works in the ….

a. farm
b. restaurant
c. market
d. garden

Jawaban: B


5. Rara is tired. She looks very …

a. happy
b. angry
c. cheerful
d. sleepy

Jawaban: D


6. A : Do you like drinking juice?
B : ….., I don’t.

a. Yes
b. Not
c. Is
d. No

Jawaban: D


7. A: ….
B: Yes, she is.

a. Is she singing a song?
b. Does she sing a song?
c. Was she singing a song?
d. Will she sing a song?

Jawaban: A


8. John: Hi, what’s your name?
Sarah: Hi, my name is Sarah. What’s your name?
John: My name is John. Nice to meet you, Sarah. ….?
Sarah: Nice to meet you too, John. I’m eight years old.

a. Where do you live?
b. How old are you?
c. How do you do?
d. What is your hobby?

Jawaban: B


9. After finishing dinner, I usually help my mother ….

a. sweeping the floor
b. washing the dishes
c. folding the laundry
d. ironing the clothes

Jawaban: B


10. A: What are you going to do today?
B: I’m going to the gym to work out. How about you?
A: I’m going to visit my grandparents and have lunch with them.

What is B going to do today?

a. Visit grandparents
b. Work out at the gym
c. Borrow some books from the library
d. Play basketball with friends

Jawaban: A


B. In this section, please write down the right answer for the questions!

11. This year is 2023. Diana was born in 2011. How old is she?

Jawaban: 12 years old


12. The boys playing footbal in the ….

Jawaban: field


13. A: ….. he play football every day?
B: Yes, he does.

Jawaban: Does


14. She …. studying at the library.

Jawaban: is


15. Catching the thief is a duty of ….

Jawaban: police


16. Roni got a bad mark at school. He looks …..

Jawaban: sad


17. Me and my sister always …. every night.

Jawaban: study


18. Sintia got many gifts on her birthday. She feels so …

Jawaban: happy


19. A : Does Mrs Carla have a son ?
B : No, ….

Jawaban: she does not


20. He does not like the pizza because it is …. (pedas)

Jawaban: spicy

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Ingat parents, latihan soal bahasa Inggris kelas 4 SD di artikel ini hanya salah satu referensi untuk mengasah keterampilan anak.

Jadi, alangkah lebih baik apabila dalam pengerjaannya agar anak Anda tidak mengetahui terlebih dahulu kunci jawaban dari setiap soal.

Selain itu, contoh soal di artikel ini merupakan gambaran materi yang umum dipakai di jenjang kelas 4 SD.

Artinya, setiap sekolah bisa jadi menerapkan materi yang berbeda, tergantung kurikulum apa yang mereka pakai.

Nah, kalau parents ingin mengajarkan bahasa Inggris pada anak dengan lebih praktis dan efektif, gabung English Academy aja.

Soalnya, English Academy sudah menyusun materi pembelajaran sesuai dengan level kemampuan anak menggunakan kurikulum internasional Cambridge.

Belajarnya interaktif bareng guru lokal dan internasional, lho. Mau coba? Yuk, lihat dulu kelas mana yang cocok untuk buah hati Anda melalui Placement Test gratis dan bersertifikat!

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