Soal dan Contoh Jawaban IELTS Writing Section Task 2

IELTS Writing Task 2

Jika writing task 1 berfokus pada penjelasan diagram atau bagan, dalam writing task 2, kamu akan diminta untuk menuliskan esai dengan tema yang bervariasi. Yuk simak soal-soal serta contoh pembahasan IELTS writing task 2 pada artikel berikut ini!


Well, kalau kamu sudah menguasai IELTS writing task 1, maka jangan lewatkan juga untuk menguasai IELTS writing task 2. Dalam IELTS writing task 2, kamu diminta untuk membuat esai sebanyak minimal 250 kata dalam waktu 40 menit. Esai tersebut berisi sudut pandang kamu dalam menanggapi suatu permasalahan yang ada dalam soal.

Nah, kalau di IELTS writing task 1 kan kamu akan diuji lexical resource, coherence and cohesion, grammatical range and accuracy, dan task achievement. Sementara, dalam writing task 2, secara garis besar sama aja sih poin-poin penilaiannya. Bedanya, penilaian task achievement diganti dengan task response. Sebab, tentu saja, kamu akan merespons soal yang diberikan dalam writing task 2.

Kira-kira, apa saja ya contoh-contoh soal yang biasanya muncul dalam IELTS writing task 2? Lalu, gimana ya cara menjawab soal tersebut? Yuk, langsung aja disimak beberapa contoh soal dan jawaban IELTS writing task 2 berdasarkan tipe-tipenya!

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Contoh IELTS Writing Task 2  Opinion-led (Agree-Disagree)

IELTS Writing Task 2

I do not think the fact that fewer and fewer languages remain in use every year is an important matter as it leads people to live more easily and comfortably. (30 words)

One reason is that communication in most cases becomes easier. It will be really convenient if one can talk with others from various parts of the world without the need for a live translator or special software for assistance. This means that different nations around the globe are likely to be able to cooperate more closely if fewer languages are in use. For instance, a conference at the United Nations will be more convenient and productive for politicians if they all can communicate using a limited set of languages, or perhaps even one, instead of having to wait for translations. Consequently, better results are likely to be achieved more quickly, and many issues could be resolved as a result of better mutual understanding. (123 words)

Furthermore, there will be less need to spend time learning many languages for different purposes. At the moment, one needs to learn various languages to study in a different country, travel abroad or communicate with foreign friends. However, if only a few languages were in use around the globe, travelers, immigrants and students at foreign universities could all focus their efforts on their goals without having to worry about their language proficiency. (72 words)

In conclusion, I believe that the fall in the number of languages in use allows people to communicate more easily, as well as focusing their energy on more important aims and purposes. (32 words)

Total: 257 words


Contoh IELTS Writing Task 2 Argument Discussion 

Writing IELTS Task 2

Today, learning about the news from different parts of the world is essential to many people, and it has been suggested that international news should become a high school subject. (30 words)

Some educationalists argue that reviewing global news is vital for high school students as it would definitely improve their general knowledge in areas like geography. This is because the news come from around the world and often present significant details about different regions and their features, which means students would possibly gain a better understanding of the world. (58 words)

It also seems that studying the news can develop the students’ ability to analyze sophisticated situations because when they follow a story, say, about a political rift between two countries, they could observe how it develops or escalates, how the parties involved act and what its consequences are. (48 words)

However, another group believe that the violence portrayed in many of today’s news stories could affect students’ conduct. For instance, almost every newspaper and news website these days is filled with images and stories of the ISIS executions in Iraq and Syria, which are likely to make youngsters feel insecure or make unreasonable judgements about any Arab friends they might have. Furthermore, reading and analyzing the news would probably be a time consuming activity, as a result of which insufficient time may remain for more important subjects and activities like sciences, math or physical education. (95 words)

Personally, I believe it is wise for secondary school students to study global news at school. This could be an important factor in developing their ability to understand and analyze the world they live in, including its more unpleasant elements and features. (42 words)

Total: 273 words

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Contoh IELTS Writing Task 2  Argument Discussion (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Writing IELTS Task 2

Nowadays, a lot of toys are provided for some children by their parents. These toys range from simple ones like dolls to complicated electronic gadgets like video games. (28 words)

One of the important advantages for children who have lots of toys is that there are different options for them to play with. Therefore, they can choose one of their toys according to their mood and taste, and are less likely to get bored. Apart from this, they would certainly be able to learn a wider variety of skills like problem solving or organization. The reason is that different toys can teach them different things, which means that the more toys they have, the more they are likely to learn. (90 words)

On the other hand, having a lot of different toys could possibly lead to children becoming overweight since many modern toys like video games and Legos, which are very common these days, are designed for indoors. Therefore, they would definitely result in less physical activity and children who play with them might gain extra weight. (56 words)

Furthermore, when kids have too many toys, it is likely that they will take less care of them. In other words, they will probably not learn to value them if there is always a replacement ready to play with. Consequently, they would certainly not learn to appreciate their belongings. (49 words)

Personally, I believe that children should only have a few toys of great quality that they really love. This could allow them to learn to appreciate what they have and avoid physical problems like obesity. (35 words)

Total: 258 words


Contoh IELTS Writing Task 2  Issue Discussion

IELTS Writing Task 2

Today, many cities around the world face an increasing amount of garbage produced by citizens. Heavy rubbish bags are placed outside houses almost every evening, and collecting so much garbage is quite difficult for authorities. (35 words)

One reason why the amount of rubbish produced is rising is the consumerist lifestyle of many people today which has led them to buy and consume more products such as food, clothes and home appliances. As a result, they often have to throw away their old belongings to make room for the new ones. Furthermore, most products today have packages and boxes that need to be thrown away. For instance, most dishes are wrapped in nylon covers, bubble wraps and cardboard boxes, which together can fill a large rubbish bag. (90 words)

To decrease the amount of garbage, governments can legislate laws to limit the garbage produced by households to a certain level, say, a kilogram every day. As a result, people would definitely try to buy only the things they need to avoid throwing away too much. Another possible solution would be to encourage producers to improve their packaging techniques and use less packaging material like paper and plastic. For instance, if governments ask dish producers to use printed and colorful bubble wraps, they can act as protective covers as well as eye-catching packages, which means that buyers will only have to throw away one wrapper. (105 words)

In conclusion, the reasons behind the rise in waste production include consumerism and product packages, and possible solutions are laws to restrict household garbage as well as encouraging industries to use improved packaging. (33 words)

Total: 263 words

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Contoh IELTS Writing Task 2 Issue Discussion

Writing IELTS Task 2

Genealogy is not a new field and people, especially the noble class, have always been keen on knowing more about the history of their families and ancestors. However, it has recently enjoyed more popularity with many ordinary people, especially in the western world, trying to fill in the gaps in their family trees; a trend I personally disapprove of. (59 words)

One reason why many people are curious about their family history these days is that it is often fun to trace back one’s bloodline and find out if one is related to any famous people. I remember a recent story about how a common supermarket clerk in Nevada was discovered to be a descendant of a British king. Many such descendants live completely ordinary lives, to which a discovery like that can bring many thrills. Additionally, it would definitely help people to realize how their families have changed through the years and therefore, learn a thing or two about the causes of failure and prosperity in different generations. (108 words)

However, many individuals who find themselves related to the nobility tend to consider tiny shares of noble blood as birthright to more respect. They, for instance, often demand seats in public transport when there are more deserving people like pregnant women or the elderly aboard. Apart from that, some of them might overgeneralize the role of factors which have contributed to a former generation’s condition, be it inherited wealth or even bad luck, to their own and disregard the value of their own ideas, efforts and current status. (88 words)

In conclusion, I am not sure if the growing trend towards researching one’s ancestors and family line is actually helping people and the society in general, and believe it must be discouraged. (32 words)

Total: 287 words


Contoh IELTS Writing Task 2 Mixed Type

IELTS Writing Task 2

In the contemporary professional landscape, the role of universities extends beyond the dissemination of theoretical knowledge to the practical preparation of students for their future careers.  In this essay, I will delve into the extent to which I agree or disagree with the idea that universities should be instrumental in furnishing students with the skills imperative for their professional triumph. (60 words)

While academic prowess remains a crucial aspect of a student’s profile, the demand for specific job-related skills in the workforce cannot be understated. Firstly, effective communication skills, including proficient letter writing, are indispensable for fostering collaboration and conveying ideas comprehensively. A workforce adept at articulating thoughts not only enhances internal cohesion within organizations but also facilitates seamless interaction with external stakeholders such as clients and partners. (66 words)

Moreover, the ability to manage time efficiently emerges as a paramount skill in the professional realm. Employees are often tasked with multifaceted assignments, necessitating adept time management to meet stringent deadlines. This competency not only ensures the timely completion of projects but also contributes to a more organized and productive work environment. (52 words)

Furthermore, in the age of technological advancement, proficiency in computer usage is a prerequisite for many contemporary occupations. Industries across the spectrum seek individuals well-versed in software applications relevant to their domain. For instance, within the architecture and engineering sectors, expertise in programs like AutoCAD or Microsoft Project is not merely advantageous but often mandatory. As the professional landscape becomes increasingly digitized, universities play a pivotal role in equipping students with the technical acumen demanded by modern workplaces. (87 words)

In conclusion, the acquisition of these skills during academic pursuits is pivotal for students transitioning seamlessly into the dynamic and competitive job market. (23 words)

(288 words)


Kalau diperhatikan, seru juga ya menjawab soal-soal yang diberikan dalam IELTS writing task 2. Soalnya kamu bisa memberikan pandangan dan opinimu terhadap isu tertentu dengan jawaban yang sophisticated ala IELTS. Ingat nih, kalau kamu sering berlatih, pasti kamu akan mahir. Maka dari itu, sebelum real test, siapkan dirimu semaksimal mungkin. Kalau kamu masih butuh bimbingan, English Academy punya program khusus IELTS yang akan diampu oleh para mentor yang kredibel pastinya! Yuk, siapkan dirimu dengan daftar di IELTS class English Academy!


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